Own Goal: Michael Moore Documentary Tackles Dark Side of Wind & Solar


Renewable energy zealots must hit the panic button when someone from their own team calls the wind and solar ‘industries’ rotten to the core. The hard green-left and so-called “progressives” take as an article of faith that those among them will worship wind and solar until kingdom come. So, when one of their own starts spilling the beans on what is the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, collective apoplexy soon follows their sense of bewildered betrayal.

The chubby, hot dog munching Michael Moore has made his own small industry in attacking all manner of capitalist endeavours, including the American small arms industry (Bowling for Columbine), its healthcare industry (Sicko) and the entire capital system itself (Capitalism: A Love Story).

Now Moore has turned his peculiar brand of conspiratorial cynicism on the climate industrial complex, pointing out that subsidised wind and solar are just another rort being exploited…

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