Hopefully the anticipation is the worst of it.

Hopefully the anticipation is the worst of it.

Janey Stahl • Aug 22, 2019

When the calm before the storm isn’t so calm.

Today we will be reading the experience of someone’s emotions as they await wind turbine construction near their home. These feelings and thoughts are very common among those living in wind turbine projects. I have personally spoken with a few families in Iowa County who are feeling the same way. I hope this post lets them know that they aren’t alone. This may seem a bit dramatic to some but I’d like you to really put yourselves in her shoes. I think you might find some sympathy and discover you would be frightened, too. Here’s what Janey writes:
Imagine tossing and turning every night worrying whether your 2-year-old will be able to sleep at night, whether you will have headaches, whether you will be forced to leave your dream home and a farm that has been in the family for decades, whether you will be able to sell your home and at what value – 25 or 75% less than appraised? Imagine awkwardly asking your pediatrician to document your child’s health, mental sanity, and sleep conditions? Imagine bickering with your spouse every day about whether to move now or wait it out and see if you can stand it.
This is our life right now. Most everyone’s lives continue unaffected. No one seems to care and we can’t talk about it. Why? Because our neighbors are erecting 4, 600-foot-tall wind turbines within 2 miles of our home this fall but everyone wants to believe it won’t affect us and that wind energy is nothing but good. They don’t care if we’re suffering because it’s not their own family… or they are too scared to speak up and support us.
We’re not alone. I know several young families who couldn’t stand the noise or shadow flicker and had to flee their homes. A number of counties, along with the World Health Organization and American Academy of Audiologists have deemed wind turbines a health hazard and recommend turbines be set back 1-2 miles from residences.
Oh, you don’t think this will ever happen to your neighborhood? That’s what we thought. Trust me, you need to look into this now. Ask your county to implement an ordinance or make the existing ordinance more restrictive. If you own land, please consider the impact on your neighbors, as well as the legal risks, before signing a contract with a wind developer. Write your legislators to let them know you do not want a turbine next to your home, you want more restrictions at the state level, and do not want the Production Tax Credit extended. Lastly, don’t forget about families like mine. Have some heart, folks, and protect our family as you would want. 
Janey Stahl, MBAWilliamsburg, IA

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