Nuclear Power: Safe, 24/7 CO2 Free Generation – What On Earth is Australia Waiting For?


Tell someone from the first world that the world’s 3rd biggest uranium producer banned nuclear power generation and you’ll be met with bewilderment.

But, that’s precisely the case: 20 years ago, the country with the largest uranium reserves in the world placed a ban on nuclear power stations; unlike the 30 Countries around the Globe currently running 450 nuclear plants, Australia has never had the benefit of nuclear power, despite its abundant resources.

The only G20 nation not to use nuclear power, it’s not just an outlier, it’s a joke.

However, slowly but surely, nuclear power generation is creeping its way on to centre stage as the obvious long-term solution to Australia’s self-inflicted energy debacle.

There is no doubt that coal, which generates around 80% of the electricity that circulates around its Eastern Grid, will continue doing so for decades to come. But, unless and until the anti-carbon dioxide…

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