Power Cuts, Danish Style


By Paul Homewood

Is it strange that despite being at least partially responsible for the UK’s worst blackout for years, the Danish company Oersted, formerly better known as DONG, still has not officially published what went wrong at their Hornsea offshore wind farm?

This is their latest company blurb:


Clearly a blackout that affected a million people in Britain cannot be as important as some unimportant puff about electric cars (which would have been stuck in the garage during the aforesaid power cuts).

I can also not find any reference in their self aggrandising website to the obscene subsidy that all bill payers are contributing towards for their totally unreliable wind farm:



Current wholesale prices for electricity are just over £50/MWh, so with a capacity of 1200MW, Hornsea will earn in the region of £400 million a year in immoral subsidies, on top of the value of the…

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