Loser Pays: Making Wind & Solar Pay the Staggering Cost of their Chaotic Intermittency


All care and no responsibility, the wind and solar ‘industries’ have been allowed to destroy the grid and the power market without consequence. At least on their part; at least for now.

The retailer reliability obligation put in place by Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor (which was the only part of the National Energy Guarantee worth keeping) has gutted the profitability of wind and solar outfits.

Previously, they could dispatch at will, thanks to the subsidies they enjoy (the Renewable Energy Certificate allows them to undercut conventional generators); and suffer no consequences at all, when the sun set or calm weather sets in. Not anymore. The background to the retailer reliability obligation is laid out here: PM’s Reliable Power Play Spells Disaster for Unreliable & Intermittent Wind Power

What The Australian’s Terry McCrann describes below is not that far from how the retailer reliability obligation is designed to work, in…

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