Collision Course: Offshore Wind Turbines Present New (Unnecessary) Mortal Danger for Trawlermen


The fishermen who work off America’s Atlantic coast, are furious over plans to spear thousands of industrial wind turbines into their fishing grounds, destroying not only the seabed (the source of their income and prosperity), but wrecking their fishing grounds, forever.

Trawlermen off the New Jersey coast have already told developers what they can do with their projects: Deepwater in Deep Trouble: Fishermen Tell Off-Shore Wind Farm Developers to F@*#K Off

Trawlermen everywhere face plenty of mortal peril dished up by Poseidon and mother nature. However, for those fishermen braving the elements off the coast of Rhode Island and Massachusetts the prospect of hundreds of these things providing a deadly obstacle course is simply too much.

Fishing For A Living Is Dangerous. Will Offshore Wind Farms Make It Worse?
Nadine Sebai
1 August 2019

New England commercial fishermen have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Now…

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