Leading Environmental Group NABU Now Vigorously Opposes Wind Parks In German Forests

  • 2022
  • March
  • 27
  • Leading Environmental Group NABU Now Vigorously Opposes Wind Parks In German Forests


Leading Environmental Group NABU Now Vigorously Opposes Wind Parks In German Forests

55 mins ago

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From the NoTricksZone

By P Gosselin on 26. March 2022

Once welcome with open arms, wind turbines are falling out of favor over much of Germany since swaths of treasured forests have been cleared away to make way for massive industrial wind parks.

Progress and awareness: Developments such as these are increasingly becoming unwelcome in Germany, especially in ancient forests. Symbol image: Vernunftkraft.de. 

Over the years the blighting of idyllic landscapes has turned off a lot of Germans. Many are actively resisting wind parks now that their ugliness is apparent.

German energy new site Blackout News here reports how one of the country’s leading nature and biodiversity conservation groups Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) no longer wants wind turbines in forests. Recently the group criticized the planned siting of wind turbines in forests, which we recently reported on here. In the past, NABU was an especially active proponent of wind energy.

“NABU demands that at least all protected areas and all historically old forest areas, as well as ecologically particularly valuable forest areas are excluded as sites for wind turbines. This was demanded by NABU state chairman Holger Buschmann on the occasion of Forest Day on March 21,” reports Blackout News. “It must be the government’s goal to preserve as many near-natural forests as possible.”

Germans across the country have become horrified as idyllic forests are falling victim to wind energy industrialization. Delicate ecosystems have been blighted and once quiet forests have since been disturbed forever.  The Reinhardswald, also known as “Grimm’s Fairy Tale Forest” in the state of Hesse  has most recently fallen victim to wind park industrialization madness. The ancient forest inspired some of Germany’s most famous fairy tales and dates back to the Medieval period.

“The Hessian state government has planned 18 wind turbines that will require 35,000 hectares of forest to be cleared for their installation,” Blackout News reports.

“From an ecological point of view, the expansion of wind turbines in forests would be a fatally flawed development,” writes Blackout News.  “According to NABU, the already damaged forest would deserve the highest protection and must not be considered as a possible commercial area.”

Other groups are calling for “a rapid change in forest management”, promoting “structurally rich mixed deciduous forests in place of monocultures, which are vulnerable to drought and bark beetle infestation.

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