Off Radar: Weathermen Wild As Interference From Wind Turbines Wrecks Their Radar Signals


Giant industrial wind turbines with their 60m blade’s tips clocking 350 kph play havoc with radar systems, giving false images and distorting real ones. The result is unnecessary danger for pilots dependent upon accurate weather reports, essential for safe takeoffs and landings.

In a number of States, the US military has obtained legislation to prevent the construction of wind turbines anywhere near their airfields and training grounds.

Now America’s weathermen are joining the chorus, furious at the fact that – thanks to these things – they can no longer predict the path, force and severity of weather systems; systems with the potential to cause catastrophic harm to lives and property.

Can wind turbines blow away Tri-State weather warnings?
Stuart Hammer
23 August 2019

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – When clouds turn dark and storm sirens blare, Doppler radar keeps spinning. It tells meteorologists what’s happening in the center of severe…

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