Nozay : vent d’inquiétudes sur le parc éolien

Nozay: wind of worries about the wind farm

Didier and Murielle Pumpkin farmers in Puceul / © Christophe Amouriaux
Didier and Murielle Pumpkin farmers in Puceul / © Christophe Amouriaux


Since the inauguration of the wind farm in 2012 in Nozay, at the feet of machines men and animals suffer. 
Problems for the moment unexplained and finally a complicated record on the table of the services of the State for years.

By CA and JMLPosted on 26/02/2019 at 18:43 Updated on 26/02/2019 at 19:04For more than 6 years, the 8 wind turbines installed in the communes of Nozay, Abbaretz, Puceul and Saffré produce electricity. 
The postcard was to be beautiful, but since their commissioning, strange and mysterious phenomena have appeared. 
Didier and Murielle Potiron have a farm located in Puceul and produce milk. Neither of them is described as “anti-wind.” 
From October 2012, the farm begins to encounter the following problems: decrease in milk production, calving problem, loss of livestock, 
why, for example, at their nearest farm site, did Didier Potiron’s cows struggle to get to the milking robot?

“There, she hesitates, that’s a hesitation to go into the stall, normally the cow must move forward.What makes her hesitate? It is precisely the nuisance that comes from the ground. geobiologists, we realized that there is a crossing of water faults under the milking robot. “

Groundwater could spread disruptive magnetic fields for animals, with cables buried at the foot of wind turbines. That’s what Didier and his wife Murielle think. Dairy production has fallen sharply, and especially the health of their livestock has deteriorated significantly. In 6 years, more than 200 cattle died, a very important over-mortality that has no medical or health explanations. 

Similar problems arise for Céline Bouvet, her operation in Saffré is also affected by similar phenomena. 

Céline Bouvet farmer in Saffré / © Christophe Amouriaux
Céline Bouvet farmer in Saffré / © Christophe Amouriaux

Other symptoms also affect people, local residents reported suffering from various headaches and belly, as well as sleep disorders. 
Several complaints have been lodged since 2014. 
Faced with concerns and these findings, studies have already been conducted, but without convincing results. 
Faced with the persistence of the phenomena, the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique has decided to launch a new series of tests directly on the operation of wind turbines. 
Serge Boulanger Secretary General of Prefecture 44 explains us:

“We wind turbine wind decoupling an equipotential bond: that is, it is the grounding of wind turbines.It is a particularity on this park … the wind turbines are interconnected by a copper strip Can this copper strip, placed on the ground itself, release a magnetic field, nobody can say it at this stage?

To answer all the questions, the services of the State have released 30,000 euros. Drilling has just begun at the foot of the wind turbines, this Tuesday, February 26 and an expert report must be submitted in mid-June. 

►The report of Christophe Amouriaux, Dominique Le MÃ © e, Mathieu Maillet, montage Nathalie Saliou-Tendron

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