Dr Bruce Rapley has just release a new book

Dear All

Dr Bruce Rapley has just release a new book called “Conversations for a small planet”  ” Volume 3 – Biological Consequences of Low-Frequency Sound”. This book highlights the very real impacts of low frequency sound and how man-made technology is having adverse impacts on people especially with the surge of wind farms.

Having had the pleasure of reading the draft copy I can honestly say it is a very comprehensive, yet simple to understand, explanation of the reasons behind the effects of low frequency sound pollution from man-made technology and the impacts it is having on human health. I definitely believe this book is an important step in exposing the truth that industry don’t want people to know.

The link to the book is below. 

At the site you can preview the first page of each chapter and also purchase the book. If you would like a copy sooner than international post takes I also have some copies for sale at the book price and happy to post or organise delivery to you anywhere within Australia. 

I have attached a photo of the outside cover and foreward along with a Media release.  

If you have any questions about the book please don’t hesitate to drop  myself an email or email to Smart Technology.



Please check out the URL http://www.smart-technologies.co.nz/

Atkinson and Rapley Smart Technology The consulting network for Business, Environment and the Community they serve. http://www.smart-technologies.co.nz

 and click on the book. 

You can see advertisement for Volume 3. Click on it and it will take you to a place where you can learn about the book, then if you click on the book on the right, it will take you to a preview. There you can look at the first page of every chapter.

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