Surprise! Climate Warrior NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’s Popularity is Collapsing

  • 2022
  • September
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  • Surprise! Climate Warrior NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’s Popularity is Collapsing

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern. By Newzild – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, link


Surprise! Climate Warrior NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’s Popularity is Collapsing

1 day ago

Eric Worrall


Essay by Eric Worrall

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s green campaign to shut down all private sector New Zealand export industries appears to be succeeding.

Jacinda Ardern is losing support in NZ, but can the PM’s international star power save her? 

By Emily Clark in Auckland 
Posted Yesterday at 5:05am, updated 23h ago

Jacinda Ardern is polling at her lowest level since becoming Prime Minister as cost-of-living pressures squeeze New Zealand households and the shine of her COVID-19 response wears off.

Key points:

  • NZ’s Opposition says Kiwis are facing a cost-of-living crisis, and analysts say it is impacting support for the PM
  • Ms Ardern’s government now has less support than the National Party, according to recent polling
  • Analysts say the key issues at next year’s election will be the economy and inequality

New Zealand’s last election was at the end of 2020 when Ms Ardern and the Labour Party won a clear majority — something that had not happened since the country changed its voting system. 

In the most recent 1News/Kantar poll, support for New Zealand’s Labour government had dropped to 33 per cent, which is behind the opposition National Party, which is sitting on 37 per cent. 

“I would definitely say there’s a discrepancy between brand Ardern on the international stage and what New Zealanders think,” she said. 

When Labour retained office with a sweeping victory in 2020, analysts noted Ms Ardern had picked up National voters who were in favour of the “fortress New Zealand” COVID strategy and who were “rallying around the flag”.

In that election, New Zealanders who had never before voted for Labour swung to support Ms Ardern.

The ‘business guy’ Opposition Leader 

Until recently, the opposition in New Zealand appeared ineffective and plagued by infighting, but with Christopher Luxon at the helm, the National Party has been enjoying a period of relative stability and increasing support. 

“National has gone through a bit of a renewal,” Dr Greaves said.

“National has framed inflation as the ‘cost-of-living crisis’ …so they’ve managed to frame it not as an issue that’s about inequality, but an issue about economic management. 

Read more:

I’m not kidding about Ardern’s government attempting to shut down all income generating industry.

Jacinda Ardern shutting down agriculture – in June this year she introduced a methane meat tax, and acquiescing to green demands to limit the size of livestock herds.

Jacinda Ardern shutting down manufacturing, promising “the government will not hold back” with their ambitious emissions reduction target.

Jacinda Ardern shutting down mining, like her bill to shut down offshore Vanadium mining. Vanadium is a key green mineral, one of the few possible theoretical routes to building affordable city scale battery backup systems is Vanadium flow batteries. But a lot more Vanadium will be required to ever make this a possibility.

Jacinda Ardern shutting down tourism – do I need to provide a reference? We all know about Jacinda Ardern’s fortress New Zealand Covid lockdowns, even stricter than Australia. She did apparently make an exception for the super rich – über rich elites in 2020 flocked to their underground New Zealand survivalist bunkers, to escape the Covid outbreak in their home countries. If you think that the slopes of one of the world’s largest super volcano complexes is an interesting choice for an apocalypse bunker, you are not alone.

Did I miss anything? If I did, I’m sure Ardern and her green allies have a plan to shut it down. Except for the public sector, which is rapidly increasing its head count of bureaucrats who earn at least six figures. And the owners of those apocalypse bunkers seem happy with their choice.

But Ardern is very popular on the world stage, where she keeps telling her globalist fans about all the New Zealand export industries she is shutting down.

Now, big surprise, Ardern supporters are discovering their money doesn’t buy much anymore. I mean, who could have seen that coming?

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