Weren’t Liberals meant to be the sensible ones?

  Dear Andreas, If you’ve been keeping track of our politicians this past week, you might’ve noticed something strange. While some Liberals openly talk about voting against their party to support insane climate legislation, former Labor leader Bill Shorten axed a decision by woke bureaucrats to erase the word ‘mother’. Why didn’t Scott Morrison’s Liberal Party get rid of this garbage? Aren’t the Liberals meant to be the sensible ones? As our politicians head to Canberra for the first sitting of Parliament after the election, you might be wondering what they’re smoking. There are at least two woke Liberals considering backing Albanese’s legislated 43 per cent emissions target – even if their party opposes it. Tasmanian Liberal MP Bridget Archer (an inveterate floor-crosser who helped sink religious freedom laws) and NSW Liberal senator Andrew Bragg reckon they’re open to backing Labor’s climate change lunacy. Did they not learn from the last election, where they were punished for posing as Greens? When are they going to learn that Australians hate politicians pretending to be something they aren’t. The woke Liberals might not like it, but they will win if they stand their ground against climate hysteria. They will win if they stand up for jobs, for Aussie industry, for mums and dads trying to pay their power bills and against the global elites who are the real winners in the race to the bottom on renewable energy. Meanwhile, former Labor leader Bill Shorten, who is now the government services minister, did what Scott Morrison’s government couldn’t. He axed medical forms for new mums that referred to them as “birthing parents” rather than “mothers”. Why would the government even think about erasing the word “mother”? Because using it upsets the transgender activists. Apparently, according to them at least, a bloke or a “non-binary” can give birth. Once upon a time, it would’ve been the Liberals standing up to this woke nonsense. But it was Shorten’s predecessor, Linda Reynolds, who was behind that one. Can you imagine the governments run by John Howard or Tony Abbott letting the bureaucrats get away with erasing the word “mother”? Not on your life. That’s not to say that there aren’t sensible politicians on both sides. But unless the Liberals can stand up and fight for common sense and mainstream values that have stood the test of time, what is the point of them?  What is the point of a political party full of Matthew Keans and Malcolm Turnbulls? The more I think about it, the more I think the modern ‘left’ is not the problem. We know their crazy, unrealistic, uncosted woke ideas do nothing to promote security, freedom and prosperity. The real problem is to the right of centre. Of course, there are good Liberals who believe in mainstream values, but they need to stand up and fight against the WOKE ‘liberals’ in their ranks. Matthew Sheahan
Executive Director
ADVANCE       Airbus Albo falls for lies about Pacific islands sinking from climate change Airbus Anthony Albanese is jet-setting once again…and this time it’s to sign Australia up to another ridiculous climate pledge.     Dictator Dan sends Victoria into a gas crisis that’s jeopardising Australia’s energy security In the last few weeks week, Dictator Dan Andrews has:       Victorian Labor slammed for ‘extensive misconduct’ and misuse of taxpayer funds for political gain While Victorians battle with cost-of-living rises, recover from years of lockdowns and remain unsure whether they can have faith in their hospital system; the Dan Andrews led Victorian Labor party appears to have a single concern: winning at all costs.       NSW Premier Dom Perrottet puts Aboriginal flag on Harbour Bridge in gross act of virtue-signalling Dear Premier of New South Wales Dominic Perrottet,   Dictator Dan introduces stealth school mask mandate Dictator Dan Andrews won’t leave the children of Victoria alone.   Victoria’s health system at “breaking point” Dictator Dan Andrews is a mastermind at distracting the media and Victorians from the truth. This time his government is using the COVID-19 pandemic as a scapegoat for the DISGRACEFUL standard of Victoria’s health system.     About ADVANCE   ADVANCE is an independent movement that puts your voice out front and centre, and speaks up for what the majority of Australians want.

That is to live in a free, safe and prosperous society. And that means restoring the balance by removing the far-left’s control, so our nation’s centred once more on the founding freedoms of its mainstream values. Contact   Advance Australia
Units 1-4, 15 Tench Street
Kingston, ACT 2604   Tel: +61 2 5133 5548   Email: info@advanceaustralia.org.au        

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