Albo, get home and do your job

Another week, another international junket for our globetrotting PM Anthony Albanese.

This week, he’s in Paris, promising to fix the world’s energy crisis.

Big talk from a bloke who can’t fix the energy crisis at home.

While pensioners can’t heat their homes and coal workers stare down the barrel of unemployment, his dream is for Australia to be a “renewable energy superpower”.

I’m sure he was applauded in the palaces of the global elites.

As Albo was (literally) being feted by European royalty, Australians were (literally) struggling to keep the lights on.

You’re facing a future of blackouts, brownouts, massive power bills, all thanks to Chinese-built solar panels and wind farms.

Back at the farm, Energy Minister Chris Bowen was busy contemplating compulsory vehicle emissions standards to “accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles”.

Labor is already planning tax cuts for Teslas when Parliament returns later this month.

What no one saw coming was a ban on your family car and diesel ute.

Albo was also promising the Europeans Australia would come to the rescue to solve “food shortages caused by Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine”.

Is the war in Ukraine the only reason there are food shortages in Europe, Albo?

Or is it because the European Union’s insane climate policies mean that farmers have to slash their herds or go out of business to meet ridiculous emissions targets?

He left that bit out.

Just this week in the Netherlands, 40,000 farmers shut down the streets of the Hague with their tractors.

Some have set fire to hay bales on city streets or started bonfires outside government buildings.

They’re protesting a new law that will force them to dramatically reduce the size of their operations or go out of business.

Why? Because of the “unavoidable transition” to cut emissions by 50 per cent by 2030.

This is what you’re facing here in Australia, unless our politicians get some spine – this includes Peter Dutton and the Liberals.

Albo shouldn’t be in Paris pandering to the global elites, he should be back home overseeing a massive ramping up of coal and gas-fired electricity production and firing up nuclear power as a great nation building project.

Likewise, the Liberal party under Peter Dutton shouldn’t be pandering to their woke MP’s by clinging to their policy of Net Zero by 2050.

Let it go, Peter. There are more votes in the suburbs than in the inner cities and you are not going to win them by advocating a policy that increases the cost of living.

In other words, our politicians should be doing their jobs, which is to fight for what’s best for Australian citizens, not what’s best for our global elites.

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