LinkedIn’s Climate “Script”


LinkedIn’s Climate “Script”

11 hours ago

David Middleton


Guest “Level playing field, my @$$” by David Middleton

Over the past year or so, a number of scientists, skeptical of the alarmist climate change narrative, have been banned from LinkedIn or closed out their accounts due to the censorship of their well-documented articles on climate change. Among these people are Gregory Wrightstone, Andy May and Pat Frank. Yet, LinkedIn allows crap like this to flow freely:

For some reason, I can’t embed the second post like I did with the first post. It’s probably because it links to a Financial Times article. It again included a variation of the Antarctic ice core CO2 hockey stick.

This hockey stick has been dismantled in at least two WUWT posts:

If you read the comments to the two LinkedIn posts, you’ll find very thoughtful remarks from Rob Bradley, David Siegel, Renee Hannon, Doug Sheridan and many others. These comments were generally replied to with ad hominem fallacies and/or something called “The Script”…

The source of “The Script”, unsurprisingly, is the logical fallacy factory: Skeptical Science.

I generally avoid these sorts of discussions on LinkedIn, because I’m there to network with other professionals, mostly in the energy industries, not to waste time arguing with scientifically illiterate trolls. These posts usually come into my feed because one, or more, of my connections post comments.

I thought about reporting the posts to LinkedIn… But decided I would post them here for the WUWT community to ridicule. Then I’ll post links to this thread with the comment, “Thanks for the material.”

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