EV Chargers To Be Separately Metered

EV Chargers To Be Separately Metered

JANUARY 6, 2022tags: Electric Cars

By Paul Homewood

 A few weeks ago, the government announced plans for new regulations, requiring domestic electric car chargers be programmed only to work at off peak times.

This was clear admission that car charging would simply overload the grid, if drivers charged up during the evening as most likely would.

It appears there is more that we were not aware of, as one reader has received this message from Vodafone:


LeasePlan UK also cover this on their pro EV website:


Forget about all the weasel words – the plan is clear; if the grid is overloaded, we can forget about charging our cars at night. We can only charge up when the National Grid says we can.

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One response to “EV Chargers To Be Separately Metered

  1. about once a week I recharge my electric Hyundai by plugging it into an ordinary 10 amp power point and good old coal which is the only thing powering the grid at night trickle charges the battery. There used to be cheap off-peak rates overnight but I think they have stopped that. What a crazy world. Anyway it seems that all over the world gasoline prices are skyrocketing!!!!!!!

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