Great Barrington Declaration

Dear Independent Scientists and Citizens,

Recently in the socialist Australian Capital Territory, located  in the penal colony of Australia, our group were discussing the impossibility of being able to speak out against the draconian Covid restrictions. We also discussed the pressure to conform and be vaccinated again and again, as directed by unelected health ‘experts . The evidence  indicates that  these pseudo-mandatory vaccines are both ineffective  and more damaging to our health than the virus. So, the question is ‘why should we comply!

We also discussed the possibility of being part of a non-violent global protest against the unprecedented restrictions  imposed on us by these  unelected  medical ‘experts’. 

Good news, here is that global non-violent protest. It is the Barrington  declaration.  Follow this link  and watch the interview ‘Iron Will Show’(link in green text). It is 42 minutes long. However, the comments below the video  and two further useful links are provided to help the time pressed viewer    find the authors of the declaration, who are actually pretty impressive people, and sign the declaration if they wish.I’ve already signed it and it was a simple process.

In conclusion, everything that I state is based on evidential history, or real science, as opposed to the pseudo science that pervades our schools, colleges and universities.


Dr. Judy Ryan, for and on behalf of Dr. Marjorie Curtis.

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