First is the telling comparison between police  behaviour at a BLM protest compared to a freedom protest

Dear Fellow Independent Scientists and Citizens,

I thank  Andrew and Marion Chapman for sending me this video (the link is below the image)  First is the telling comparison between police  behaviour at a BLM protest compared to a freedom protest. To quote Andrew and Marion:-

As you can see, the Victorian state in  Australia has descended  into tyranny. The rest of the nation is in varying  degrees of instability, as our fragile representative democracy collapses. We need to look after ourselves as best we can, because the State and Federal Government are not. They keep shifting responsibility between themselves. Ultimately though, they push the responsibility downwards onto  the small business that they have already impoverished; and bully them into doing their dirty work for them.

We, as individuals, all need to protest against the erosion of our democratic rights. Below  is what I and a few other individuals  are doing in the socialist Australian Capital Territory.

We do not take our mobile phone with us, which means we don’t have to use the location app. Instead we carry cards  with our name and a phone number with us.  My experience, as an individual, is that retailers are pleased to accept the card instead of having to manually sign me in.  On subsequent visits they return my smile and wave me through.They are also very happy to serve me even if I am not wearing a mask when I show them this.

Despite the fact that we are not allowed to drive more than 5ish kilometres from home we frequently do. We also are planning to meet each other for social events in each others homes!!!!!!

OMG though, mums the word. We plan to rise up against the Tyranny

For all of our overseas readers thank you for your support. 

Kind Regards,

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