Dear Ex Minister for the Environmen

Dear Ex Minister for the Environment


Current Minister for Health Greg Hunt,

We write to express our concerns.


As  Minister for the Environment in 2014 why did you have the terms due diligence and data quality assurance removed from the investigation  into the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s data handling procedures?

The original investigation instigated by then Prime Minister Tony Abbott included those terms.It was based on the historical evidence raised in this poster.    It is downloaded on thousands of computers both in Australia and elsewhere.  As of today, the links to the archived newspapers are still intact. We wonder, will they stay intact. The  bureau of Meteorology’s archived maps link on the  poster no longer works but can be found  here   

We note with trepidation that, in Australia websites like the Climate Realist, which simply repeat the historical and current evidential truths, are being closed down. Why is that? Is tyranny coming? Or are we already there?

Now, back to the historical record, Minister Hunt.  The first screenshot evidences your same day polite but frivolous and dismissive response to our communication on the issue of climate-change…..Oops warming etc.

I take the opportunity to clarify the 2013 date in the screenshot. That was the approximate date that Tony Abbott was elected  leader of the Liberal Coalition, which was then in opposition to the incumbent Labor Government. Tony Abbott took the Liberal party to a resounding victory, on his promise to abolish the carbon tax, in 2018. That is when you became Minister for the Environment.   Later you betrayed him and bragged about the removal of the offending terms ‘due diligence  on the ABC

The second screenshot also  evidences the fact that you did have those inconvenient  truths removed from the BoM review (last sentence)

Now, let’s move on to the COVID19 pseudo-mandatory vaccine that you, as Minister for Health, are presiding over. We have written evidence based letters to you numerous times. Below are two extracts. The first, extract, further down the page, evidences the fact that the PCR Test, which Australia is using is over sensitive. Further, it can be manipulated to test positive, depending on the number of cycles that the researcher/medico runs. In Australia  the number of cycles run  does not have to be  disclosed to the Covid positive testee  or their Doctor. This selective non disclosure of the cycle threshold is probably unlawful under Australia’s constitution, as the covid ‘patient’ is not provided ‘informed consent. 

We state again, the current situation in Australia  is that PCR test can be manipulated to imply just about anything by fraudsters. For example, pre and post vaccine PCR tests could be used to imply vaccine efficacy, which by the Governments own admission, is not particularly effective at all. 

————————————————————————Now to the first extract

Covid19 is part of the Coronavirus family, to which the common cold also belongs.


 It was never meant to be used as a diagnostic test. Its real purpose is to amplify virus fragments for research purposes.

Dear Reader, If you search on these words “most people experience only mild symptoms and can self treat at home” you will see numerous references on the first webpage that indicate that COVID19 is equivalent to a very mild case of the flu.

Here is further evidence from the Worldometers site (Word search on ‘Active’   then click on the downward pointing chevrons to see the truely minuscule  numbers shown in the screenshot below.     


Now to the second extract.

Dear Federal  Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, PM Scott Morrison  and State Officials,

We write  again  to express our concerns regarding the non disclosure of the negative health impacts  from COVID vaccinations in Australia. You cannot deny that the adverse effects from both the  Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines have increased threefold in less than three months; May to July. 

AGAIN We state

If the Australian ‘authorities’ were not counting cases with the discredited over-sensitive PCR test there would be no pandemic because the deaths per million from the virus remain at 38.

However, how many more Australians are dying from the draconian self-isolation and mask wearing mandates?

In closing Minister Hunt, you have a responsibility to inform  all Australians of these adverse events from the COVID  vaccines. You cannot trust the Premiers and Medical Officers of our socialist States to inform their citizens.


Now finally to the conclusion of this public emai

Minister Hunt, the evidence of your ongoing duplicity is strong. Maybe, for the sake of the health and wealth of the Australian people,you should step down from your Ministerial duties.

Again, we request you to respond to this email and either confirm or deny our statements. If you do not reply, all of the above stands as the unchallenged truth and can be used as evidence  in a court of law.

Respectfully Yours,

Drs. Judy Ryan and Marjory Curtis

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