Dear Independent Scientists and Citizens,

Dear Independent Scientists and Citizens,

Below is a screenshot of  a single page from a government document. It provides  the evidence  that in 2014 Greg Hunt, as Minister for the Environment was responsible for the removal of the term “due diligence” from the investigation mounted by PM Tony Abbott into the Australian Bureau of Meteorology data quality. It is the closing sentence in the email.

The original email thread extends from 2011 to November 2014 and  is 48 pages long. Other emails in the thread reveal that then Senator, now Minister, Simon Birmingham was also involved in the cover up. What the Lysenko like Academic fraudsters at the  BoM did was to retrospectively  lower Australia’s temperature record from  in the first half of this century so that it would appear to have risen dramatically during the period from the 1980s through to present time. For example, the long drought that occurred in the 1930s has completely disappeared from the BoM Data.


More evidence of academic fraud both in Australia and elsewhere is shown in the first poster on The Australian Climate Realists site.

It can be argued that if these two career politicians had never encountered the Lysenko like ’scientists’ at the Bureau of Meteorology, almost a decade ago, the world would be a much better place now.

We now have a Minster for Health and Ageing presiding over, what the evidence indicates, is another Lysenko like scam. We also have a Lysenko like Minister for Trade, who we cannot trust to put the financial  interests of the Australian people  above those of the Oligarchs in the UN and China.

We, the people, need to rebel against the Australia’s descent into tyranny via incompetent self obsessed ‘public servants’ just as Alexander Tytler predicted two centuries ago.

What we can do is alert the people  to the dangers that we can see so clearly. I suggest that we widen the Saving Small Businesses Project across several nations. I am looking for volunteers  to extract mobile numbers from the online Yellow Pages. I have already extracted all the email addresses, but about 25% only have mobile phone contact. It is data collection work that can be done while listening to the talking heads on TV. Despite the negative feedback  I receive from the naysayers I am proud of what I do and I welcome your input.

In closing, thank you for your time in reading this. I look forward to hearing back from you.


 For and on behalf of Marjorie

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