‘Obscene’ UK windfarm subsidies revealed

‘Obscene’ UK windfarm subsidies revealed


Once the inflation from the Covid fiat kicks in, especially in a cold winter when the winds are light, it will be choosing to heat or eat. The obscene theft of the public purse via subsidies is not sustainable.

Tallbloke’s Talkshop


Some electricity consumers may feel like muttering obscenities if they see the figures. Meanwhile the BBC insists renewables are now cheaper than coal.
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The Global Warming Policy Forum has condemned what it called the “obscenity” of windfarm subsidies and has called for a complete rethink of energy policy.

GWPF research has shown that just six offshore windfarms are now sharing £1.6 billion pounds in subsidies between them every year.

Three receive annual subsidies of over a quarter of a billion pounds each year.

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