Public Chargers Will Increase Driving Costs

Public Chargers Will Increase Driving Costs

FEBRUARY 22, 2021tags: Electric Cars

By Paul Homewood

The Mail seems surprised you will pay a lot more to charge your car at a public site than at home!


It does not seem to have occurred to the journalist that operators need to recoup the cost of the charger as well as the electricity used.

The table rather bears out my quick survey the other month, that suggested rates would be around 35p/KWh.

The only outliers are the two London sites at the top, no doubt reflecting higher costs there, and Ionity’s 350 KW charger. (We know that these superchargers are much more expensive to install, pro rata; so it is not surprising that drivers are expected to pay for the benefit of a quick charge).

At the bottom, BP Pulse charges 18p/KWh if you have a subscription (£7.85/month), or 25p otherwise. So there appear to be no offers under 25p/KWh without a sub.

Nissan Leaf will do about 100 miles for a 40 KWh charge, so at 35p, this would cost £14, or 14p per mile. A petrol alternative would do about 50 mpg; excluding fuel duties, this works out at around £5, or 5p per mile.

In their Net Zero Plan, the Committee on Climate Change claimed that savings from buying and running electric cars would go part way to offsetting extra costs of decarbonisation elsewhere.

Clearly for anybody who regularly needs to use public chargers, this is adding insult to injury.

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