Greetings from Turbine Hell

Greetings from Turbine Hell

Posted by Reality check on January 29, 2021 in Uncategorized

If you LOVE killing wildlife, destroying open spaces and make the rich, evil twits richer by screwing you over, Wyoming will be heaven to you. The latest destruction is in the south, where local residents waited way too long to object and will get the turbines, just like the millionaire homes near Cheyenne that have a view of turbines. Never say Wyomingites are not gullible fools. For a few bucks, they LOVE miles of spinning turbines in their sights and dead wildlife and destroyed open spaces. What good is a bunch of open space if you can’t make millions off of it and destroy it? Come on, ALL people hate open space and always have. Pave over the whole earth and kill all the animals and trees. It’s the human way.

YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS IS NOT ABOUT ENERGY, SAVING THE PLANET OR ANY SUCH THING. It is about a gold rush, one the government, who also HATES THE ENVIRONMENT, THE EARTH, HUMANS and everything except themselves, funds and encourages. With “I want you all living in Hell Joe” in office, expect the destruction of the planet to accelerate at warp speed. First, GREEDY WYOMING will destroy every sage grouse, horned lizard, pronghorn, whatever it takes, to kiss up to Joe and make a buck or two. Understand, Wyoming will sell themselves to the highest bidder even it’s only a buck. Wyoming is a cheap whore.

In this gold rush, only the RICH get richer. The little guy gets to freeze to death and/or starve. Maybe Hunger Games, if we are lucky. They want a war. That requires more turbines and they LOVE MONEY and therefore the government gold of handouts. Crazy Joe could care less about anything and just signs what he’s told to.

Much like the Robinhood fiasco messed with the rich and their game, THIS IS THE RICH’S INCOME LINE and if you get in the way, you’re toast. Like the first gold rush, where they destroyed the landscapes, poisoned the landscape and killed each other looking for the shiney stuff. The RICH will destroy whoever gets in their way. YOU WILL SUBMIT and live with the towers of death. You have no choice.

Extinction of species will figure largely, as will land destruction. Here in the USA, desert tortoises are killed by “relocation” because someone rich and evil hates the tortoises. So they die. Gila monsters will be next, as will any species that dares try to stop this. To hell with conservation, we are talking MONEY.

There will be the fools that kiss the back sides of wind energy, hoping for some table scraps. These too hate the planet, humans, animals and plants. They love only MONEY. The Six Great Extinction will be ushered in by these HATERS. Best of all, no one will care or stop them. They haven’t since the Evil Grassley began his assault on America with the turbines and the gold and they will not now. Here and there, a group fights. much as Custer did. Before the entire Indian nations showed up on a hill and wipe out those who care, something should have been done. But again, love of kissing the backside of destruction squads was too strong and the land destroyed. Better yet, billions of acres of land in other crappy brown countries was destroyed, including forests, meadows and homes of the people that got in the way. So the damage was not done here and America retains it’s “good” rating, like most evil, tyrannical states do. It’s all lies and deception, but it’s our lies and deceptions and your kids will live in the nightmare. Not that you care at all.

Welcome to Hell 2021.

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