3 OF Stop using your political leverage to silence the MSM re the pseudo-science of Covid19

Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Heath, Greg Hunt,

Please  stop  using your political leverage to silence the MSM re the pseudo-science of Covid19. It is the same pseudo-science that underpins the oxymoronic, non-testable hypothesis of Climate-Change. But more about that further down this email.

 Meanwhile, here is the evidence that Australian politicians at all three tiers of government have over-reacted in a draconian manner to a virus that is less infectious and less lethal than the annual seasonal flue.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_swine_flu_pandemic_in_Australia (word search on context)

Below is a  repeat of the brief history of the collapse of scientific integrity in Australia, which we sent to you a few years ago.

Seven years ago Tony Abbott was the Prime Minister of Australia. He was a strong skeptic of the Climate-Change pseudo science. He became aware of the deliberate data distortion by  ’scientists’ at  the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The evidence showed that they had deliberately lowered Australia’s early temperature record in order to produce a false warming effect from about the 1980’s.  

He called for a full investigation into the BoM. One which included the terms ‘due diligence’ and ‘data quality assurance’. But, as the link below shows, Greg Hunt, the then Minister for the Environment, who was complicit with the white-collar criminals at the BoM, used his influence to have the two vital  terms removed from the investigation. This, criminal behaviour at the highest levels caused the downfall of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister and the insertion of the UN puppet Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

  https://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-09-24/government-discussed-bom-investigation-over-climate-change/6799628 (word search on diligence and Hunt).

Had PM Tony’s Abbott’s investigation into the BoM’s data management progressed as originally planned the Australian climate-alarmist criminals would have been sentenced for their crimes.  They might even have served their sentences by now and been freed to return to productive work as forgiven, reformed individuals.

White-collar climate-alarmist criminals in most of the western free nations would also have been sentenced as their Governments would have been conducting similar investigations. Michael Mann, the perpetrator of modern pseudoscience would most certainly be in jail. Instead he is now on indefinite  sabbatical at one of Australia’s socialist, China friendly universities. 

Scientific Integrity would have been restored and we would not be facing the Covid19 scaremongering scam based on the same pseudo-science. It is now destroying the economy and democracy of our fragile free nations.


Now we return to the current email and deliver you  the real, scientific, evidence based facts.

 The C02, that we, the people, breath out into the atmosphere is indistguisable from the C02 that rises out of the chimney of a coal or gas fired power station. Neither is a pollutant. Both are essential for photosynthesis in all vegetation; which is the foundation of planet Earth’s food chain. But,   the government funded Lysenkolike pseudo scientists completely ignored the geological record for planet Earth.  Instead they established an army of well paid minions to  travel to  multiple nations across the free world and name and shame them according to the estimated C02 emissions from their  various fossil fuel power stations. What a communist style bungling operation that continues to be. We, the taxpayers are forced to fund the attempt to destroy Australia’s fossil fuel and mining industry and replace it with fauna exterminating  wind and solar energy.

In closing dear ministers, we don’t expect you to respond as you never have previously. However, some of the several thousand lawyers, medical practitioners etc etc both in Australia an other nations will respond and we welcome their feedback

Respectfully Yours

Drs. Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis

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