The Wind Turbine Goblins were active on Halloween weekend

The Wind Turbine Goblins were active on Halloween weekend

The wind in most of Ontario over the Halloween weekend was really blowing and owners of the industrial wind turbines (IWT) were raking in the money.

Over the three days of October 31st, November 1st and the 2nd IWT on the IESO grid generated over 183,000 MWh operating at just over 53% of their capacity whereas over a typical year they average less than 30%. If one includes the curtailed 62,000 MWh (18% of capacity) over the three days; those IWT could have delivered 71% of their capacity.

The history of IWT in Ontario confirms high generation during the spring and fall is normal whereas during hot summer months they generate power at much lower average levels of 15% of capacity. 

During hot summer months daily Ontario demand, averages around 430K/450K MWh per day but in the fall months it drops, averaging in the 330K/350K range. During the three recent days the average Ontario demand was 344,000 MWh. The foregoing demonstrates, in Ontario. IWT generation is frequently out-of-sync with demand.

Bad habits associated with IWT in Ontario keep piling on costs for ratepayers and taxpayers! In the three recent Halloween days their combined costs ($120/MWh for curtailed and $135/MWh for grid accepted) added $32.2 million for power surplus to Ontario Demand.  As a result of the unneeded generation IESO were forced to export almost 143,000 MWh (78% of IWT grid accepted generation) to our neighbours in NY, Michigan, etc. and those exports generated total revenue (daily HOEP average) of $839,000 or $5.87/MWh while Ontario was paying an average of $175.80/MWh for the IWT generated surplus power. Once again we have been obliged to subsidize those exports adding huge costs to our electricity/taxpayer bills. To make matters worse, we should strongly suspect we were spilling hydro and steaming off nuclear during that period. Our grid operator, IESO, doesn’t disclose that information until they release their year-end report.

The time has come for the Ford led Ontario Government to enact legislation that stops those IWT goblins from taking our hard-earned dollars during Halloween and the rest of the year.

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