Mayflower Wind -Falmouth Energy Committee Asks 20 Million Dollars

Mayflower Wind -Falmouth Energy Committee Asks 20 Million Dollars 

“Matt suggested we ask for funding i.e. a lump sum, exclusively for energy efficiency.” 

1.    Megan Amsler   (Chair)

2.    Energy Committee  email:

Phone: 508-548-7611

Falmouth Energy Committee 07.14.20 Meeting 

Minutes FINAL 

Present: Megan Amsler, Rosemary Carey, Matt Patrick Guests: Charles Rader, Eleanor Ling, Jonathan Suso, Tom Bott 

1. Town Manager Julian Suso joined us to answer questions related to Energy in town. We asked about the EDIC photovoltaic contract and status of the proceeds and RECS. Is the program reaching low income residents as intended. Julian said he will connect with Jennifer Mullen, Finance Director. 

2. Climate energy policy outreach support. Community benefit agreement with offshore wind development, specifically Mayflower Wind. 

Suso reported the Town has had initial discussions. Presentation was made at SB a couple months ago – they will get back to us with more detail. Should be a community benefit agreement. Energy Committee should be included in that discussion. We are looking for potential locations to come on shore, connect with Bourne substation. 

If Mayflower Wind wants to make landing in Falmouth, what does Falmouth want for the community? Chris or Seth at Mayflower Wind are our contacts. 

Matt expressed that Energy Committee has not had input on Town policies re: energy & transportation. Is there a way for us to be more involved? 

Suso urged the E-Comm to engage in advocacy with Board of Selectmen – annual retreat (virtual) date to be set. An opportunity to make suggestions to Board & Chair. Energy Committee: Send Julian suggestions and send letter to Select Board. Also recommended regular engagement on Selectmen’s agenda, one meeting a month with every committee for report and interaction. Document actions taken by this committee – send letter or email. This would be helpful. Send to Megan English Braga & cc: Julian. 

3. Implementation of PACE. 

We asked how can we best implement this. 

Julian Suso: we went back to 2018, need to revisit. We reconnected with Finance Director, Jennifer Mullen, who was concerned that borrowing was part of the PACE plan. Assessment continues; we may be able to reenergize this process. Requires SB approval. 

Tom Bott recommended giving a prompt about this so it gets attention. Megan asked about software compatibility for PACE – Julian not familiar with the issue; will look into it. 

Suso reported the Town has procured two new electric vehicles and a charging statio, located in lot behind town Hall. Peter McConnerty, public works director, got installed; helped choose location. Conservation and building departments will use for basic inspections. Jennifer Lincoln & Rod Palmer, familiar with the details. 

Town Website – Suso reported the protocol is the same but staffing circumstances prohibit a staffer on each committee. [Suso and Bott exited the meeting] 

Megan offered to take minutes at next meeting. Rosemary will pull together agenda and submit to Town. Charles advised us to make sure that someone other than the Chair can do this. 

Megan asked us to Think about Community Benefits. An “easy way” to achieve 100% municipal energy. Lot of opp to What’s beneficial for community & municipality. 

Rosemary will write a letter to the Cape Cod Commission from the Energy Committee supporting the RPP Amendments. 

Eleanor asked about Community Benefit Agreements from wind power. Where to get info? Town of Barnstable website. $20 million committed to Barnstable. Megan will hold a conversation about this. Next meeting: July 29, 2020


Subject: Falmouth Energy Committee Meeting 07.29.20

Falmouth Energy Committee Meeting 



Present: Megan Amsler, Matt Patrick, Rosemary Carey Guests: Charles Rader, Eleanor Ling 

1. Community Benefit or Community Host Agreements are a novel tool that offshore wind developers to negotiate with communities. It’s an opportunity for us to have that discussion to ask for the following benefits. VW has executed a Community Benefits agreement with the Town of Barnstable and Marthas Vineyard. For more on Community Benefit agreements, go here:Community+Benefits+Agreement+Summary.pdf Our ideas for Falmouth include: 

• Battery storage and solar on high school 

• Incubator / office space for renewable energy entrepreneurs & volunteers 

• Electric Whoosh trolleys (2) approx. $2 million 

• Bike path improvements/resiliency measures • Scholarships 

• Commit to jobs • Operations in Falmouth • Supply house (?) 

• Affordable housing (focus on existing homes) with energy efficiency a priority – following the Habitat Model. Low to moderate income (LMI) residents should be a priority. 

• Add diversity in scholarships etc. 

• Asks that help us with our 100% Renewable Energy Goal i.e. net metering credits or share of wind generated electricity in Falmouth (worth millions). 

• Incentives for contractors to switch to electric vehicles. 

• Education to help the construction & trades to switch to better understand new technologies, i.e. heat pumps and air sealing etc. 

Megan suggested keep ideas coming, add meat to the ideas, have meeting with Select Board. Matt suggested we ask for funding i.e. a lump sum, exclusively for energy efficiency. Put in google drive & flesh out ideas. Price tag. Budget. Priorities. Talk to Select Board about what they’d be willing to endorse. Wind I “renewable energy fund” is a model that keeps funds designated and not able to go into the general fund. 

Applying for Green Communities, what are the capital expenditures during this process? Example a Whoosh trolly – can it be owned by Falmouth? Have conversations with friends and neighbors on this. This agreement will help our community have more tangible benefits to remain in our community. 

Megan started a google document, open to the public, where we will add to our Wish List. AfeLwtg/edit Ask to get on Selectman’s Agenda to give an update from the Energy Committee and discuss Community Benefit Agreements. Action items:

In preparation for Select Board retreat: Homework for all: look at five-year plan and give ideas/ comments, etc.:—2019—2023 In the past this has been updated by the Energy Committee (using interns). 

Add to Google Doc ideas for Community Benefit Agreement Board of Selectmen – Megan will check with Town Hall to see if we are on Select Board for Late summer or fall. If any later, we get on agenda. Talk with friends, family, neighbors, elected about host agreement ideas. Next meeting: TBS

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