We have to put a bomb and blow up all these wind turbines ” says Robert Ménard

 We have to put a bomb and blow up all these wind turbines ” says Robert Ménard

Thursday August 20, 2020 at 7:16 PM – By Stefane Pocher France Bleu HéraultPuissalicon, France

Robert Ménard does not hide his anger after learning about the wind turbine installation project revealed by France Bleu north of Béziers: “ They piss off these ecologists with their project. Let them go fuck themselves! ”. Many elected officials are mobilizing this Friday evening in Puissalicon.

Wind project in the town of Puissalicon, visible tens of kilometers away
Wind project in the town of Puissalicon, visible from tens of kilometers away © Radio France – Stéfane Pocher

The agglomeration of Béziers is in turn opposed to wind turbines in the Avants-monts. The president of the agglomeration of Béziers, Robert Ménard, is participating this Friday August 21 in a public meeting organized at 7 p.m. on the promenade in Puissalicon. Many elected officials, all political tendencies combined, are mobilizing against this project revealed this summer by France Bleu Hérault.

The rally is being organized as a public inquiry begins on Monday. This project, launched in 2012 by the company Volkswind , will impact an entire territory, specifies the association for the preservation of the landscape of the seven hills. The nearest wind turbine is about a mile as the crow flies from the first house.

“You have to put a bomb in there and blow everything up. You’ve had enough of these wind turbines.” (Robert Ménard)

The president of the agglomeration of Béziers does not mince his words about this park. The elected official is worried about a project that could ultimately be of an disproportionate scale. Robert Ménard, not really green, says he only thinks badly about these wind turbines: ” They distort our landscapes “. The elected representative intends to take a deliberation in the agglomeration of Béziers. 

How can these morons of ecologists defend these wind turbines. They spoil our lives ”

“All the elected officials of the agglomeration of Béziers are against this project. Those of the community of communes of Avants-monts too, except the mayor of Puissalicon. But this project impacts an entire territory . The architect of the Buildings of France was seized. She is not in favor of it because these wind turbines will be visible from many protected sites including the cathedral of Béziers. She sent a letter to DREAL to say that she was against for such and such a reason. received to date no mail “, indicates Robert Ménard.

Wind turbines 150 meters high, half of the Eiffel Tower

What country can accept a project, when everyone is against it, asks Robert Ménard. It is not a question of political color, it is still only the state administration that accepts it. We have a government that tells you that you have to listen to local elected officials, but that doesn’t care. ” 

“These ecologists, they piss us off with their wind turbines!”

” I’m not green. I’m a common sense person, just someone attached to their city, to their region. This ecology, I leave them. How can we mess up our landscapes? These ecologists are ruining our lives. “

“I know that it brings money to the municipalities, but these wind turbines will rot all of our landscapes” , continues the mayor of Béziers. What is our wealth and the future of our region? First and foremost tourism. These wind turbines are going to screw everything up. We are all against it. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. There was a photovoltaic project in Lespignan. We got to the skin. “

You have to be stupid and live in Paris to imagine such things. I care about my country, I care about my city and my landscapes. The ecologists who want to give me moral lessons, they go and fuck themselves! “

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