Zero Return: Intermittent Wind & Solar Devour More Energy Than They Can Ever Return


Sunset and calm weather have been with us since the dawn of time; wind and solar power have existed for barely a generation, and only as a result of massive subsidies.

The notion that modern economies can operate around the vagaries of the weather and time of day is, of course, patent nonsense.

The factory owner sets their work program around-the-clock, rather than wind speeds and isn’t particularly interested in waiting for the sun to rise to a point that means they might receive a little solar power. Nor are they keen on shutting down operations when the sun drops over the horizon. No, the Industrial Revolution was just that. And it came about when engineers harnessed thermal power as high pressure steam, thanks to the superior energy density of coal.

Civilisation never looked back. Although, renewable energy rent seekers and the climate cult that follows and slavishly supports their…

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