Shredded: Debunking The Endless Myths Pitched by Renewable Energy Propagandists


The bigger the lie, the more likely the dupe will believe it, which is the game played by renewable energy rent seekers with the line that subsidised wind and solar are the answer to our economic recovery.

Just how that might work, is anybody’s guess? If heavy reliance on intermittent wind and solar sent power prices into orbit in Germany, Denmark and South Australia (which suffer the world’s highest power prices), why would following their lead improve our economic prospects?

Alan Moran tackles the topic with his usual analytic flair in a pair of essays that follow below.

An Endlessly Renewable Source of Green Agitprop
Quadrant Online
Alan Moran
9 June 2020

Stoking the fires of renewable energy’s purported advantages is the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), an intergovernmental outfit whose chief purpose is to serve as a spigot for endless propaganda. Its official message is that fossil fuel is…

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