Dead End: Only Crazed Fanatics Promote Wind & Solar as a Serious Power Solution


And my crazy wind & solar fanaticism is THIS big.

When faced with reality, facts and logic the renewable energy zealot denies the existence of all three, starts ranting about the end of the world and calling their antagonists “deniers”, ignoring the obvious irony.

If your worldview hinges entirely on un-testable belief and unsupported dogma, you’re probably in a cult. And, if your buddies start offering you funny tasting cordial, it’s time to scurry for the exit.

Which brings us to the characters that keep telling us we’re just a heartbeat away from an all wind and sun powered future.

Not one modern economy has achieved that result, so far. And the safe money is betting on the proposition that no modern industrial economy will ever power itself entirely with wind and solar power, even allowing for the realisation of the pipe dream of the economic grid scale storage of electricity.

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