Solar Totally Eclipsed: Sunny Queensland Powered By Ever-Reliable Coal-Fired Plants


Sunset ready: what Queenslanders really rely on for their power.

Despite the hype, the true contribution of solar power to Australia’s grid remains trivial and especially so from sunset to sunup. Oh, almost forgot, cloudy and inclement weather makes a pretty fair dent in solar output, too.

Queensland is renowned as the Sunshine State. But, even there, the massive increase in subsidised solar panels (both commercial and domestic) appears to have had little impact on Queenslander’s incessant need for ever-reliable coal-fired power. As JoNova details below.

A cold snap in Queensland cut the state’s solar power to just 5% of its average daily output
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
4 June 2020

As Paul McArdle of WattClarity says: “the NEM* is becoming increasingly dependent on the weather“

Saturday week ago in Queensland was cold enough to break records. Brisbane “only” made it up to 17.9C (64F). It hasn’t been that…

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