Path to Recovery: Scrapping Subsidies to Never-Reliable Wind & Solar Key to Economic Revival


There’s a reason that South Australians suffer the world’s highest retail power prices; and that’s because it’s the world’s wind and solar capital. It is an economic backwater, with Australia’s highest rate of unemployment, which can only worsen after the Draconian COVID-19 lockdowns imposed on commercial and social life destroyed thousands of jobs, many of them forever.

On a broader spectrum, Australia is heading into its worst recession for more than 30 years. In response, politicians and boffins alike have been droning on about rekindling Australia’s manufacturing sector, waffling about “self-reliance” and economic “resilience”.

Those claiming that Australia is on the brink of a manufacturing and industrial revival haven’t been paying attention. Australian power prices have doubled in less than a decade, thanks to an obsession with subsidised wind and solar. Hardly an environment for any business, let alone businesses that consume any significant amount of energy, such as manufacturers…

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