Emergency First Responders: Fossil Fuels Save Lives Every Single Day


The coronavirus has presented humanity with a variety of challenges, partly pathogenic and partly pathological. Bizarre thinking about energy fits firmly in the latter category.

In recent weeks, as countries mourn their dead and seek to get back to business, the climate cult have been banging on about our economic resurrection will be made all the smoother by throwing even more subsidies at never-reliable wind and solar.

The premise is the same old hackneyed nonsense about fossil fuels destroying the planet. Whereas, the reality is that fossil fuels save lives in the veritable millions, every single day.

Next time you pop into an ICU, why not ask a patient whether they’re prepared to take their chances on the weather with electricity delivered at the whims of mother nature? Or whether they’d rather keep that life-giving machinery running around-the-clock?

STT Champion, Liberal MP, Craig Kelly takes stock of just how important…

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