The Big Subsidy Steal: Texan Taxpayers Fork Out $80,000,000,000 to Wind Power Outfits


When it comes to massive subsidies to wind power outfits in the US, the Lone Star State led the charge. Since 2006, the wind industry has managed to snaffle over $80 billion from Texan taxpayers, and they’ve only just begun.

Generating a product that’s only ever available in chaotic fits and spurts, means that endless subsidies and mandated targets are the only reason there’s a ‘market’ for chaotically intermittent wind power, at all.

Bill Peacock tallies up the extraordinary cost of the largest example of state-sanctioned theft in American history and begs the question just how things got so out of hand and why the situation continues unchecked?

As the late Alby Schultz MP put it: “The only reason people are not rioting in the streets about the unjustified increase in their power bills is that they simply have no idea what is going on.” And that appears to…

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