Shootin’ Up: Developers Killing Endangered Red Kites To Make Way For Wind Turbines


Wind power outfits are run by ‘ways and means’ kind of guys, who’ll say anything and do anything it takes to spear these things into your backyard and wallow in the massive subsidies which you’ll be liable to pay, forevermore.

Now, it’s one thing to have millions of birds and bats sliced and diced with impunity by wind turbine blades (with their outer tips travelling at over 350kph). However, it’s quite another to gun down perfectly healthy specimens, simply because their presence threatens your ability to erect these things, in the first place.

But, that’s precisely what’s been happening in Germany, where developers are shooting the endangered Red Kite to make way for industrial wind turbines and clear their path to profiteering from Germany’s RE rort.

Nesting red kite shot dead because of wind energy?
No Tricks Zone
Die kalte Sonne (translated by Pierre Gosselin)
10 May 2020

Red kites…

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