Sunset ‘Industry’: If Solar Power is SO Cheap, Why Not Scrap The Subsidies Right Now?


Australian government subsidies to domestic rooftop solar are insanely generous, and are costing taxpayers more than $1.7 billion annually. The real beneficiaries of these massive and endless subsidies are, of course, the Chinese who manufacture the panels and export them to places like Australia, where a strange mix of greed and avarice, combines with a particularly obnoxious version of virtue signalling.

Those with a raft of panels on their roof, are quick to point to their perceived moral superiority. However, they’re usually pretty slow to thank their neighbours who paid for them; many of whom are in rental properties where they will never get the benefit of the subsidies and/or the high fixed prices set by Feed In Tariffs for any excess power they might produce.

When they start pontificating about the reduction in their power bills and how they believe they’re saving the planet, it’s only fair to point…

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