Suicide Watch: Morrison Government’s Latest Energy Policy A Guaranteed Economy Wrecker


The answer to saving the economy was right there in front of him.

The Federal government’s policy of continuing to subsidise hopelessly unreliable wind and solar has driven power prices through the roof and businesses out the door.

At a time when every industry and business is looking for some sign of sense and reason from policymakers, instead of delivering a raft of policies that just might keep these enterprises afloat, the Morrison government have headed to the periphery.

Rather than create opportunities for base-load power generation (whether by preserving existing coal-fired power plants, building new High Efficiency Low Emissions plants or scrapping the ban on nuclear power generation), the Liberal/National Coalition continue to waffle about pumped hydro and battery storage and are giving credence to the most ridiculous concept of all: turning wind and solar power into hydrogen gas. An economic nonsense, if ever there was one.

Energy hungry…

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