Ohio smiles while BigWind frowns on LeedCo decision


Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.11.41 AM
The Ohio Power Siting Board issued a conditional certificate providing Icebreaker Windpower, Inc. an opportunity to move forward with the construction of six wind turbines in Lake Erie. LEEDCo is not happy. Of course not, they are never happy unless they are in charge of the bargaining…unless they are the BigDog in the room…unless they are the bully at the table.  They fail to see the importance of bats/birds to our economy in the MidWest. Without them, agriculture requires significantly more pesticides, as birds/bats are estimated to impact our economy in the $Billions.  Bird/bats save our farmers $, but BigWind is the Bat/Bird Blender of the air…
If constructed, the Icebreaker Wind project will be located 8 to 10 miles off the shore of Cleveland. Each of the project’s six turbines will have a nameplate generating capacity rating of 3.45 megawatts (MW), with a combined capacity of up to 20.7 MW. The…

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