‘Green’ Delusions: Why Wind & Solar Can Never Replace Coal, Gas & Nuclear Power


It takes a special brand of delusion to still believe that chaotically intermittent wind and solar can replace conventional generators, such as coal, gas and nuclear plants. But they’re still out there. Indeed, some of them hold high, elected office. Or once did.

Maths, physics, economics and meteorology are not difficult disciplines. But mastery thereof requires the ability to grapple with some pretty harsh realities. Especially when you’re claiming that it’s possible to run a first world economy entirely on sunshine and breezes.

Without the need to consult a PhD in any of those fields, it’s pretty safe to conclude that calm weather is a thing, as is the fact that the sun drops over the horizon, every single day. Oh yeah, and clouds are real, too.

But the true zealot retorts that all these issues will be readily solved with storage – stirring reference is usually made…

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