FACT: Wind Turbines And Solar Towers Attract And Kill Insects And Birds

FACT: Wind Turbines And Solar Towers Attract And Kill Insects And Birds

Published on May 19, 2020

Written by Dr. Judy RyanDear Reader,Below the line is a public letter that I sent to To the Western Australia Premier and Ministers for the Environment and Energy on behalf  of Dr. Marjorie Curtis and myself. The title is evidence based and self explanatory. Please read on.

Dear PremierWe write to object strongly to the UN appointed Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs) acting against the wishes and democratic rights of the Australian people. They, the EPA have conducted a Mickey Mouse investigation into a massive hybrid wind and solar factory in Western Australia; and apparently have approved its construction. wa-watchdog-green-lights-world-s-biggest-hybrid-wind-and-solar-hub-20200504-p54pm9.htmlThis is despite the fact that the wind turbines are 26 kilometres from Eighty Mile Beach and 13 kilometres from Mandora Marsh, both of which are visited  by international and local migratory birds that congregate in that wetland area in the hundreds of thousands.Why does the EPA  ignore the indisputable video evidence that wind turbines are a lethal attraction to birds?  watchThey also ignore the indisputable evidence that the beam from a solar power tower, which apparently is essential for large scale commercial factories, attract and kill insects and birds.(See link below and scroll down to play the video). usgs-releases-bird-and-insect-incineration-footage-from-ivanpah-solar-electric-facilityWe note that there is an appeals form addressing damage to the environment at this site. https://www.appealsconvenor.wa.gov.au/environmental-impact-assessment.  We note that we are expected to  pay for the right to appeal. FYI we will not be paying money, that possibly goes to a foreign body,  for what should be our taxpayer funded entitlement .We also note that this appeal information was not made public until  around May 4th yet the appeal closes on May 18th.We respectfully suggest that this is insufficient response time. Therefore the WA government needs to extend it.Our final point is that the UN puppet EPAs should be abolished throughout Australia. We already have our own Federal and State Environmental Departments. The EPA’s  presence in our nation is both a financial drain on our economy and a threat to our legal system. The evidence shows that they overlay their version of international law above Australian law and then try to enforce. In some instances they are succeeding. That is why they have to go ASAP.In conclusion, if there is anything that we have said that you think is untrue then reply to this email to inform us. Otherwise all that we have stated above stands as the unchallenged truth and we are prepared to swear to it in any court of law.Respectfully YoursDr. Judy RyanCD and Editor Principia Scientific Australia.   bit.ly/psi-auAndDr. Marjorie CurtisRetired Geologist

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