New Website For Wind Farm Data


By Paul Homewood


It is worthwhile playing around with it, but one useful feature is a table of output, capacity factors etc for each offshore installation in the UK. Currently the rolling 12-month average capacity loading is 40.6%.

What I found particularly useful i8s this chart:


It shows the time distribution of capacity loads, both for individual wind farms and overall.

So for instance, the load factor was 36.3% or more for 50% of the time, ie the median. (This arguably is a more important measure than the average load).

The curve for all windfarms is for the last five years.

If we look at extremes, we find that load is below 20% for 31% of the time, in other words below half of the average.

At the other end, output is above 80% for 12% of the time.

In other words, loading is either extremely high or extremely…

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