Life Support: Government’s Obsession With Subsidised Wind & Solar Destroyed South Australia’s Economy


South Australia has more wind and solar capacity per capita than any other place on the planet. It also suffers the world’s highest retail power prices and has been the butt of international jokes thanks to a run of mass blackouts, including one that plunged parts of the state into Stone Age darkness for more than a fortnight, back in September 2016.

Dozens of energy intensive businesses have been wiped out, such as Stephen Scherer’s Plastic Granulating Services when his electricity bill of about $80,000 a month spiked to $180,000 a month back in June 2017.

And hundreds of others have had their profits squeezed to breaking point: South Australia’s Wind Power Obsession Leads to Highest Power Prices in the World

If South Australians thought that that lunacy would end when they voted out the renewables obsessed Labor government headed up by Jay Weatherill, they must be experiencing…

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