Start Me Up: Cheap & Reliable Coal-Fired Power Only Path to Economic Recovery


The answer, my friend, ain’t blowin’ in the wind. You’re staring at it.

The Australian businesses under threat from insane renewable energy policies and rocketing power prices, have been finished off by government enforced lockdowns.

With the Federal government outlining a plan to, ever so gradually, lift its COVID-19 restrictions on business, life and liberty, talk has inevitably turned to resuscitating an economy on life support.

Earlier during the response to the virus, Australia’s PM, Scott Morrison started talking about the economy “snapping back”, once the restrictions on business and movements were lifted. As if the deliberate destruction of the hospitality and tourism sectors will suddenly jump back to life, having been throttled out of existence.

There’s also been waffle about improving Australia’s “resilience” and “self-sufficiency”, heralding a renaissance of Australian manufacturing and industry.

With Australian businesses suffering among world’s highest power prices (thanks to its obsession with intermittent wind and…

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