Democrats Derailed: Mike Moore’s Planet of the Humans Helps Deliver Donald Trump’s Second Term


Planet of the Humans, Michael Moore’s withering attack on the power and money behind the renewable energy scam (see above) has incensed the climate cult and those that profit from the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

For the best part of 20 years, the mainstream press has been parroting the climate cult’s line that the only solution to the planet’s ‘imminent doom’ is more windmills and solar panels. Subsidised, of course, with your money.

New ‘Green’ Deal Democrats are in it up to their necks. Back in March the Democrats sought to assist their benefactors by amending Donald Trump’s $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package such that wind and solar power outfits would be able to siphon off hundreds of $billions and keep their scam going for just that bit longer. When that failed, Democrats led the charge on a second round attempt to look after their rent…

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