Interview on SAUGA 960AM Radio

Parker Gallant Energy Perspectives

I have been interviewed by veteran journalist and CRTC former Commissioner, Marc Patrone, the host of the Marc Patrone Show, from 9 AM to 11 AM weekdays on SAUGA 960 AM.  The interview; “Exposing the Green Scam” will be on his show tomorrow morning but I’m not sure when during those two hours.  I have tried to provide some history as well as some specifics on how we wound up with our very high cost electricity in Ontario.

I believe it will be also be available on the 960 AM podcast of his show later that day and also available on: NewstalkCanada.

Web link for SAUGA 960 AM is:

The link for NewstalkCanada is:

Have a listen and take a break from the overly depressing Covid-19 news.

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