Climate Cult Claims More Chaotically Intermittent Wind & Solar Solution to Coronavirus Recovery


Efforts to wreck power supplies by forcing us to rely on sunshine and breezes share a few parallels with the panic-driven response to COVID-19.

The threat of imminent doom (real enough for some vulnerable individuals in one case and fictional in the other); lots of self-appointed ‘experts’ dictating the terms (usually well outside their given areas of expertise); lots of fretful types demanding that we “listen to the science” (unless, of course, it grates with their chosen narrative) and plenty of petty bureaucrats ready to take command and control of every aspect of our daily lives (think Draconian controls on how, when and where we can lawfully associate with others, if at all – on one hand – and smart meters and Third World power rationing aka ‘demand management’, on the other).

The climate cult and the rent seeking renewable energy profiteers that benefit from the mantra that ‘windmills and…

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