Sizewell To Halve Output To Prevent Blackouts


By Paul Homewood


She does not know how much the Grid has had to pay to Sizewell, but Reuters estimate it at £50m for a four month period. This would make sense, as Sizewell would be losing about 430 GWh per month. With current wholesale prices at around £25/MWh, this would imply loss of income of £11m a month.

The Grid could have chosen to constrain wind generators, but the cost would have been much greater, because of the obscene subsidies they receive. Put simply, wind generators will not accept £25/MWh to switch off, when they know they can get paid much more in subsidy.

And this is the real scandal here. By shutting down half of Sizewell B and removing a chunk of cheap, reliable power, the grid is forced to rely on much dearer renewable energy instead.

Whereas Sizewell would have sold their electricity at the market…

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