We gave it all away

Why not wind power

In the last couple of weeks, we see the proof that one of the “pushes” for renewable energy is DEAD.  “Peak oil”, unless it meant when we reached the level of filling every container, ship, and oil tank out there and still had MORE and MORE coming out of the ground, is nothing but a lie, a scare tactic, a huge show of stupidity by the “educated” folks.  The world is awash in oil.  The price has dropped to a negative value in some markets.  You literally cannot give the stuff away.  THERE IS NO PEAK OIL AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE.  This was a LIE, a political lie and a power lie, to cruelly deprive people of their lives and their livelihoods by the overlords.*  It is being used to cause the extinction of species of animals, poison people in Third World…

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