Renewables Deliver Grid Chaos As COVID-19 Lockdown Slashes Power Demand


Across the globe, all manner of businesses have been forced to shut their doors and their owners and employees now find themselves in forced lockdown at home, devouring Netflix and junkfood delivered by Uber-eats.

The COVID-19 responses might vary in severity country by country, but the wholesale reduction in air-travel, transport, traffic, the movement of people and goods should give punters a taste of what a net-zero carbon dioxide emissions target will look like.

Except that weather-worriers are pursuing that object, as well as their broader plan of delivering (occasional) power from subsidised windmills and solar panels that’s so expensive as to be prohibitive to all but the elite. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

For now, though, electricity is still being delivered, and a fair proportion of those lucky enough to be still hooked to the grid can still afford it.

But, as Dr John Constable details below, Boris Johnson’s…

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