OFGEM Backs £600m Subsea Cable–To Connect One Wind Farm In Shetlands!


By Paul Homewood


Energy regulator Ofgem has approved plans for a subsea power cable which would take energy from Shetland to the Scottish mainland.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) wants to build a 600MW electricity transmission link.

Ofgen said this would allow new wind farms on Shetland to export renewable electricity to the rest of Britain.

The regulator said the scheme would also help ensure the supply of electricity on the islands.

However, the approval of SSEN’s revised proposals is subject to evidence that a Viking Energy wind farm project will go ahead.

It is estimated that the subsea cable project would cost more than £600m.

It would connect Kergord in Shetland to Noss Head on the Scottish mainland, near Wick in Caithness.


There is one thing the BBC forgot to mention, the fact that energy consumers throughout the UK will end up paying this cost, as OFGEM

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