Nuclear’s New Age: Americans Lead Race to Build Small Modular Plants


Small modular nuclear reactors have been powering submarines and ships for generations. Now, enterprising Americans are seeking to bring them onshore, in order to tap an inexhaustible and affordable supply of electricity – available 24 x 7, whatever the weather or time-of-day.

With a few rare exceptions, the climate cult hates the concept of nuclear power for the very reason that STT promotes it: it works.

So much easier to whip up hysteria about changes in the weather and then present non-solutions to a non-problem.

Hence the rabid promotion of chaotically intermittent wind and solar. Which provides a playground for cynical hypocrites to profit handsomely and the subject for Michael Moore’s documentary film ‘Planet of the Humans’ covered here: Blood & Gore: Mike Moore’s ‘Planet of The Humans’ Unmasks The Power & Money Behind Renewables Scam

Swimming against the tide, is a group of entrepreneurs with that typically American ‘can-do’ attitude…

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